2908, 2018

Isaac Tutumlu returns to Barcelona 24 hours with Audi

After a long summer break, the season resumes with the Barcelona native heading into his home race: the Barcelona 24 hours. Tutumlu will drive a Car Collection Motorsport-run Audi R8 LMS with teammates Çapan, Pareras, Aust and Autumn

Isaac Tutumlu will participate in the 24 hours of Barcelona, which will have a truly international flavor as the GT3 cars are back after their absence in 2017. The Barcelona marathon is a truly special race for Tutumlu as it’s his home race on the calendar. Besides, the race counts towards the 24H GT Series and there are over fifty cars on the entry list. Tutumlu will be behind the wheel of a Car Collection Motorsport-entered Audi R8 LMS with Turkish Ali Çapan, Spaniard Iván Pareras and German Stefan Aust and Alex Autumn as teammates.

“I love to contest the Barcelona 24 hours because it’s just a few kilometers away from my home. I participated twice, my first one was more than ten years ago when I drove a Mazda RX-8.  It was my first outing at a 24-hour event. Then I drove a Lamborghini Super Trofeo three years ago and we won our class. It was such a milestone because it was the first endurance event for a Lamborghini car and it was its first triumph as well. So, we have excellent memories!” explains Tutumlu. The local favorite adds: “relatives and friends will attend the race supporting me. I’m looking forward to repeating a win in Barcelona. It was slightly different because I’m now driving an Audi R8 LMS in A6-Am class instead. I think my experience will be key for my teammates, specially Ali, and Car Collection Motorsport because I raced more than 20 events at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Last but not least, I’m also targeting a good result for Audi España, because I’m a brand ambassador for them. There are several factors making this race so special!”

The Barcelona 24 hours will take place on September 8-9.

2304, 2018

Isaac Tutumlu takes fourth place finish at Navarra 12h

Spaniard Tutumlu delivered another strong performance in the Car Collection Motorsport-entered Audi R8 LMS shared with Ali Çapan, Dirg Parhofer and Peter Schmidt. The four drivers brought fourth place home in A6-Am class and ranked 8th overall. Tutumlu drove almost six of the 12 hours of racing.

Isaac Tutumlu achieved a positive result at Circuito de Navarra’s 12 hours, which was held in Los Arcos and counted towards the 24H GT Series. Tutumlu drove for Car Collection Motorsport once again sharing an Audi R8 LMS with Turkish Ali Çapan and German racers Dirg Parhofer and Peter Schmidt.

Tutumlu was in the top-three both in private testing and free practice and qualified 3rd in A6-Am class with a lap time of 1m39.949s. Besides, Tutumlu lined up seventh overall on the starting grid. The 12-hour race, which was split in two parts – 3 hours on Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday-, saw Parhofer completing the first stint before handing over to Tutumlu. The Barcelona native moved into fourth in class and fifth overall, going a lap down in the overall rankings. The remaining nine hours took place on Sunday and Tutumlu and his teammates finished fourth in class and 8th overall. Tutumlu drove almost six of the 12 hours of racing and showed genuine pace lapping in the 1:41s despite a 60-kilogram handicap heavier than other cars.

“I’m pleased with our result. It was a trouble-free race and our Car Collection Motorsport Audi went like a clockwork. I tried my best to help my Bronze-categorized teammates to achieve a good classification. In this regard I’m extremely happy with Ali, because he is making steady, quick progress in terms of performance. So, my coaching is working perfectly with him”, explains Tutumlu. The Spanish driver adds: “I would like to mention that some BoP changes should be made ahead of Imola, as Mercedes and their cars were too much quicker than us. They were creating a lot of torque, gaining five or seven tenths in comparison with us on the main straight. In fact, their amateur drivers were as fast as professional drivers of Porsche, Ferrari and Audi.”

1804, 2018

Isaac Tutumlu to contest Navarra 12-hour race

Spaniard Isaac Tutumlu will take part in second European 24H GT Series race, which is to be held at the Circuito de Navarra in Los Arcos. Tutumlu will team up with Aly Çapan, Peter Schmidt and Dirg Parhofer in a Car Collection Motorsport-entered Audi R8 LMS. The 12-hour race starts at noon and ends at midnight Sunday.

Isaac Tutumlu heads to Los Arcos (Spain) to race another round counting towards the 24H GT Series: the 12 hours of Navarra. The Circuito de Navarra hosts the next round of the Pan-European series marking Tutumlu’s debut in Los Arcos. Tutumlu will share the car with Turkish Aly Çapan and German racers Dirg Parhofer and Peter Schmidt, three Gentlemen drivers with whom the Spanish driver expects to achieve a positive result in A6-Am class. The four-driver line up will drive a Car Collection-run Audi R8 LMS. Tutumlu already delivered a strong performance at Silverstone 12 hour event fighting with factory-backed drivers such as Rik Breukers, Matteo Malucelli or Robert Renauer.

“I’m delighted racing at Navarra circuit. It’s one of two races in Spain, for sure an extra motivation for a Spaniard. Besides, it will be my first time competing there. I think this track is the only one in my country in which I have no previous experience, which is another incentive. I was told Navarra is a technically demanding circuit and an enjoyable venue with nice surroundings. I’m looking forward to start racing!” explains Tutumlu. He underlines: “I will be driving the Audi R8 LMS of Car Collection Motorsport once again with Aly, Peter and Dirg, three Bronze-categorized drivers. My goal, as a professional racing driver, is to help them having a competitive car. I want to make my teammates feel comfortable, improving their performance as much as possible in order to achieve a positive result.”

Almost a 30 car field is ready to race with GT3 machinery having the most significant role. The schedule is quite new for this round. Friday is devoted to private testing with a free practice session on Saturday morning. Qualifying is scheduled at 15.30 (CET) and a final night practice session will take place in the late evening hours. The 12 hours of Navarra starts at noon and ends at midnight Sunday, which will add extra charm to the event.

1103, 2018

Isaac Tutumlu shines despite set-back in Silverstone 12h

Spaniard Tutumlu delivered another strong performance despite his Silverstone 12-hour race came to an early end following clutch issues in his Car Collection Motorsport Audi R8 LMS. Tutumlu took the A6 Am lead both days kept in battling with factory drivers of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche such as Matteo Malucelli, Rik Breukers and Robert Renauer.

Isaac Tutumlu couldn’t finish the Silverstone 12h race, second event of the 24H GT Series, but Spaniard’s performance highlighted his talent and showed excellent form in GT3 racing. Tutumlu, teaming up with Aly Çapan, Dimitri Parhofer and Jason Baker in a Car Collection Motorsport-entered Audi R8 LMS, set the pace both race days in A6 Am class and overall.

On Friday, Tutumlu and his teammates clocked the 6th-fastest time in class with a lap of 2:05.248. Despite this, they got cancelled their best effort – a lap of Tututmlu a mere tenth of a second slower than pole position time- due to track limits even when the on-board camera had proved not to be the case. The first 5-hour part of the race on Friday saw Tutumlu storming into the A6 Am lead and fifth overall from 12th on the grid. Later in the race, one of his teammates spun and lost two laps but Car Collection still remained second in class and 8th overall. With still seven hours remaining on Saturday, Tutumlu completed another opening double stint to put his Audi into a commanding lead overtaking factory drivers such as Rik Breukers, Matteo Malucelli or Robert Renauer and was the fastest car on track once again. Unfortunately clutch issues forced Car Collection Motorsport to retire the car from the race with one hour to go.

“It was a challenging race with cold, changeable weather and it resulted in making mistakes quite easily. Despite we couldn’t make it to the finish, there were some excellent moments as my charges for the lead both days with two strong double stints. I was able to set the pace among GT3 contenders and it was incredible to fight with such competitive drivers like Malucelli, Renauer, Lukas or Breukers. I’m really looking forward to our next race!” said Tutumlu.

703, 2018

Isaac Tutumlu to contest the 12H Silverstone race with Audi

Spaniard Tutumlu is back driving a Car Collection Motorssport-entered Audi R8 LMS teaming up with Çapan and Parhofer at Silverstone, which will host the second round of the 24H GT Series. Tutumlu feels confident about claiming another good result.

Isaac Tutumlu will take part in the 2018 Silverstone 12 hours later this week. The second round of the 24H GT Series, just like the season opener in Dubai, will see Tutumlu returning behind the wheel an Audi R8 LMS of Car Collection Motorsport with Turkish Aly Çapan and German Dimitri Parhofer as teammates. A fourth driver is still to be announced in the coming days.

Tutumlu delivered a strong performance in Dubai with impressive pace both in practice and race but unfortunately the Spanish driver and his teammates couldn’t improve a ninth place in class as several punctures and a race incident at night dashed their chances. Ahead of Silverstone, Tutumlu explains: “it’s time for the second round at Silverstone! I have loads of experience there because I raced in the Porsche Supercup, the International GT Open or the Lamborghini Super Trofeo. The tricky British weather looks to be as usual, as forecast announces storm or even snow at times! It also brings me good memories as I finished 3rd with a Chevrolet Corvette in 2014. I think Silverstone suits my driving style.” He continues saying: “I think a good result is within our reach. I will continue closely working with Aly to help him improve as much as possible. We have a solid package as Car Collection is an Audi Sport Customer Racing team, so our Audi is an excellent basis to start working. We set our sights on a podium in A6 Am class. It’s going to be a tough race because there are LMP3 and CN cars also joining the field of GT3-spec vehicles.”

The 12 hours of Silverstone will be split into two parts: The first part of the race will run on Friday from 1.00 till 6.00 pm local time. After an intervention with parc fermé conditions, the remainder of the race will be held on Saturday, 10 March, from 10.30 am till 5.30 pm local time.

1501, 2018

Isaac Tutumlu delivers strong performance at Dubai 24h

Despite it wasn’t a brilliant result at the end, a ninth place in A6-Am class as a result of several punctures and a collision at night when one his teammates crashed into a backmarker, Tutumlu put in brilliant stints fighting with GT3 factory drivers.
Isaac Tutumlu couldn’t step onto the podium at the 24 hours of Dubai as he managed to do two years ago or, more recently, in the Gulf 12 hours at the Yas Marina Circuit. Tutumlu, driving a Car Collection Motorsport-run Audi R8 LMS shared with Aly Çapan, Frank Stippler, Dimitri Parhofer and Rémi Terrail, was forced to deal with several race incidents preventing a better result.

Starting 11th on the grid, Stippler made a solid opening stint by moving up to second place overall despite a puncture after two hours. When Tutumlu was about to drive his first stint at night, the Car Collection Audi had already dropped to 15th after the gentlemen drivers pit sequence. The Spaniard set an extremely competitive pace from the very beginning but two other punctures damaged his recovery stint. A few hours later, one of his teammates crashed into another car and the team spent eighty minutes in the pits but they managed to continue battling in the race. Tutumlu took over the driving duties in the final two hours to take the checkered flag ninth in the A6-Am class.

“We had a crazy race with ups and downs as usual in Dubai. Our pit strategy was quite good at the beginning and an early Code 60 worked perfectly for us and Stippler managed to put our car second in the standings. Later, considering we were two professional drivers, Stippler and I, and three gentlemen drivers we lost time. My lap times during my first stint were rather competitive, pretty much the same times as factory drivers. Unfortunately Parhofer collided with a backmarker when lapping him, as the latter spun, but we still managed to do our comeback more than one hour later”, said Tutumlu. The driver from Barcelona stressed: “We also experienced brake problems, losing other ten minutes in the pits. During my second night stint I was the fastest on the track despite our lights, as a result of our previous crash, weren’t working properly. In the last two hours I was a man on a mission, as I had to help the second car of car Collection, which was in podium contention. With my tires experienced extreme wear I still lapped competitive times and both Car Collection and Audi Sport itself congratulated me. They are very happy with my driving here.”